Lemon’s Farewell Address


It’s been a wonderful year for the festival of films. We cannot believe that it’s over. I love it. It has come to an end, but our knowledge of film will continue forever.  Our crew this year was truly amazing and we had an awesome time working together.  Our actors and actresses also deserve great thanks because of their amazing performances, but also for dealing with our hectic scheduling and rescheduling that probably messed up some peoples daily lives.  Overall, we think we got our message across pretty well and we hope viewers werea  least somewhat affected by it.  I (Danny) am currently writing a crazy mashup of musical, comedy,and epic all in one along with Alyssa Murphy, so I recommend someone make it next year if it makes top shelf.

We really look forward to seeing the movies next year and see the directions our crew members this year take with their movies.  Goodbye everyone, and thank you for the support.  Lemon, Signing off.

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Hello, Corey here, again. I guess I have become the designated blogger which is perfectly fine with me. Us lemons are getting ready for are due date coming next week and feel confident where we are. We just shot the opening scene on Tuesday and got some fresh shots. Ian just loves talking about irony, he gets real giddy about the topic. We are about to get a major chunk done tomorrow when we shoot some of the elementary scenes. Our editing is coming along and, actually, I have been working on the credits since we have not had much more to do. Liam and Kiren have been working hard on the music, which is sounding quite epic.

We are currently trying to plan our red carpet outfits. Give us some feedback on plaid suits. Bean and Fair seem to like the idea quite well, but personally I like to keep a clean appearance with some solid suits. Music Trivs have not happened for a while, so I do not have much more to talk about. Peace out eryone

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We Rolling

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 7.50.14 AM

No Days Off #straightdoingwerk

Hey everyone, Corey with your lemon crew update today. We are getting on a roll of lately, filming 4 scenes over vacation and starting to get excited about what our film is turning into. Bryan and Bean had a major breakthrough with After Effects figuring out the bubble text as well as some screen pop-ups for the phones. We finished filming the middle school cafeteria scenes on saturday and I’m happy to say Griffin Wilkins, young Tommy, absolutely killed it. Griffin’s younger sister provided some middle school talent in her closeup of Ethan (Johnny) #thefuture.

The Academy awards were held this past Sunday night and unfortunately we came in third. Peace out.

P.S. Bryan’s rapper name is Fresh Powda

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Henley is life.

Hey guys, Corey here with a new update. We are almost finished casting our middle school parts and are psyched about the middle schoolers we found to play the parts of Johnny and Tommy. I was able to see the student playing Ian’s part and he looks exactly like him, pretty cray. I was not able to see the kid playing my middle school part, but I here he is stunning. We shot one of our classroom scenes with Szymanski last week and incorporated the new sliders we got into a couple of those shots, they look amyazing. We started some of our library scene, but were unable to finish due to Mark Demerais’ inability to keep his eyes off the camera.

In other news, Ian has brought some life to our music trivs points, but we are still struggling 😦 Our crew has also developed a deep interest in henleys and  are hoping to start a new fashion trend. Sooo henley fridays everyone… join the movement. School is most definitely canceled tomorrow.. Booya, but we unfortunately have no film until the end of the week with the new term starting. Everyone stay safe in the snow and until next time, this is lemon crew signing off, you stay classy Walpole.

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Filming in progress

Hi, Bryan here. We have started filming and have just started scouting our middle schoolers. So far all is well, we are attempting to obtain a new microphone so our sound is pristine.  Alan is not having it. We bartered with some other crew (name unknown) and we conditionally get to use their mic as long as I let them use my go pro (Jokes on them, I lost my charger to that thing years ago.) There is a new app which has quickly overtaken lemon crew. It goes by the name of Daddy Long Legs. Give it a try it is fun


Thats what it looks like. Intriguing huh?


Well that’s all for now.



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Hey guys, Alyssa here talking about Lemon Crew updates(: Currently, we are finalizing our script and finishing up pre-production. Starting tomorrow, we will be working on Storyboards and Shot Lists. I am also pleased to announce our new Art Directors! Lauren Bean, Anna Van der Linden, Erin Pitman, Sam Horne, and Ellie Kalemkeridis will be joining the crew. We will continue keeping up updates on this blog and our twitter @lemoncrew2015.

Corey has been preparing for his role as Johnny and helped complete the mood maps. Bryan has also helped in completing the mood maps and helped complete the breakdown. Danny has been finalizing the script. I have been working on mood maps and the prop list. Our other members have been contributing after school with pre-production tasks.

We managed to to get 3 music trivs points- a disappointing amount. Hopefully we will improve next time.  In other news, Bryan has discovered curling videos, recently we participated in a dangerous raisin fight, and we had auditions yesterday. Stay fresh folks.

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It’s Official!

Hello everyone, Corey here talking about Lemon Crew’s big news. Disconnected has finally been filled in to the blank line we have had for the past month. We are excited to bring a fantastic crew to you including Daniel (Beanix) Bean, Grace Hoegler, Tess Lancaster, Kaitlin Porter, Alyssa Murphy, Bryan Kelleher, and myself. Posts will be shared through this page and @lemoncrew2015 on Twitter to update y’all on our progress. We are currently in pre-production making some major changes to our script that we are hoping will capture our audience.

Kelleher is trying to figure out the 3D texts to use with our cellphone texts throughout the film. Bean had been doing a great job with the vision until we decided to change up the script, so unfortunately he will have to revise most of that. We have had a slow start with our female crew members not being in the class, but we are starting to meet after school more often and getting some great ideas out of them. I have been working on our mood maps and beginning to learn my lines for Johnny.

Music trivs has been disappointing thus far with Kelleher’s nonexistence, but I’m sure we will make a statement after a couple crew practices. We are looking forward to a great lineup of films this year and hoping to bring some exciting new features to the festival.

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